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Just5 OCTOBER 2020 Guide

Just5 is a daily, five minute challenge for you to intentionally spend 5 minutes a day in scripture study/meditation, prayer, praise & worship.  Read each week’s guide and challenge for the saints to intentionally spend time in communion with God.

Divine Strategies

This month’s Just5 Challenge compels us to embrace the wisdom of God in our daily lives.  As believers, we are equipped with Godly wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to accomplish everything God has charged to our hands, as his stewards in the earth.   We know that God orders our steps (Psalm 119:133; Psalm 37:23-25) and can rest in the profession of our faith that He has a strategy for our health, family, finances, businesses, community, nation, or whatever challenge may be facing you.   We have a mandate to establish the kingdom of God in the earth, therefore He (God) gives us the strategy to accomplish this without fail, every time.

It is our prayer that this month’s Just5 Challenge will produce a kingdom harvest of exponential return in our authority as believers and followers of Christ. We pray that it will cause us to embrace the Holy Spirit as a leader, comforter, and guide in every decision we make, from this moment forward.

Monthly Meditation

(1) These are the proverbs of King Solomon of Israel, the son of David.

(2) Proverbs will teach you wisdom and self-control and how to understand sayings with deep meanings.

(3) You will learn what is right and honest and fair.

(4) From these, an ordinary person can learn to be smart, and young people can gain knowledge and good sense.

(5) If you are already wise, you will become even wiser. And if you are smart, you will learn to understand

(6) proverbs and sayings, as well as words of wisdom and all kinds of riddles.

(7) Respect and obey the Lord! This is the beginning of knowledge.[a] Only a fool rejects wisdom and good advice.


Week 41 & 42 | Oct 5 - 18, 2020

Strategies to Overcome

Wisdom | Knowledge | Understanding | Application

How do we get wisdom?

Ask. According to James 1:5, If we lack (do not have) wisdom, regarding anything in our lives, we can ask God for wisdom concerning those things, and He will give it to us. 

How do I go before God to ask for wisdom?

According to James 1:6, we are to ask in faith, nothing wavering. 

What does it mean to "ask in faith"?

According to Mark 11:23-25, to ask in faith:

  • SAY IT (decree a thing)
  • DO NOT DOUBT (wonder how God is going to bring it to pass)
  • BELIEVE IT WILL HAPPEN (believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass)


Prayer for Wisdom

 Almighty God, in whom there is no failure, we give you praise, glory, and honor for you are good, faithful, and just.  Your name is great and greatly to be praised. We exalt you and declare with exceeding joy that your plans for our peace and well-being are not for disaster, but to give me, my family, my church, my community, and nation a future and hope.  We set our hopes on you, knowing that our steps are ordered; that you have a divine strategy for your people  to overcome.  

Almighty God, we ask for your forgiveness for any sins of omission (unknowing sins) and commission (the sins we knowingly commit).  As you have admonished us in your word, we forgive and withholding nothing we surrender to your will.   

According to James 1:5, we can ask  for wisdom and you will give it to us, freely.  Therefore we ask for wisdom concerning  our ____________ (fill in the blank with whatever you are seeking God’s wisdom for) and by faith we know that we now have that wisdom. 

Thank you for wisdom concerning _______________________ (repeat what you inserted above). 

Thank you for the strategy concerning ___________________ (repeat what you inserted above).

Thank you for the manifestation of the vision through applied wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 

Thank you that the eyes of our understanding are enlightened with your wisdom. 

We declare that we have the wisdom of God that directs our decisions, sharpens our discernment, and governs our  thoughts.  In Jesus Name,  


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